Our Solution


Private prisons cost less...

Private prisons are proven to reduce the cost of incarceration not only in themselves, but their very presence in a state lowers the cost of public incarceration through competition.



... but are more violent

March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Corrections Corp. of America Inc., the biggest U.S. private prison operator, was sued by six inmates claiming it allowed the Idaho Correctional Center to become so violent that it’s known as “gladiator school.”


Electronic Castle design changes everything

The Electronic Castle cell block is unique in design. It is built as a basement to eliminate escape risk and lower operating costs. The "locked down" style of the cell blocks prevents inmate violence, extortion and gang recruitment.


Every square inch is under 24/7 video surveillance

Every inch of the facility is remotely monitored through a myriad of video cameras. Each cell has a thin client PC for work, training, and education. We also have an intercom alarm system. This, along with numerous other innovations, makes our facility the safest and most productive prison facility in America.


Large cell, single bunk

Our cells are 10x10 and single bunked. Each cell block is limited to only 14 inmates. All inmates have their own private space and there are no large areas for inmates to congregate. Our exercise field is composed of several sports courts where inmates are only allowed contact with others from their cell block. This prevents inmates from another cell block from every engaging in extortion, intimidation or gang recruitment.