A serious problem
A powerful solution



Project Summary:

Electronic Castle, Inc. has a new concept in prison design that is a third less expensive to build and a third less expensive to operate.

The facility is also safer for staff and inmates.

Using the latest in technology the prison design is a complete change in how we currently build prisons and manage inmates.

A New Concept

Electronic Castle has a revolutionary new design in prison facilities.

Electronic Castle's core purpose is to humanely house criminal offenders at low cost. The facilities are designed to limit inmate contact, while increasing opportunities for counseling, education, training and communication with families and community.
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"...there is a direct coorelation between
prison violence and repeat offenses.”

Our Facility

  • • Each inmate has a private cell.
  • • Each cell has computer.
  • • Inmates work to offset prison cost.
  • • All priviledges tied to work performance.
  • • Small cell blocks limit inmate contact.
  • • No large gathering places anywhere
  • • Entire facility under 24/7 video surveillance.